Signal to Noise

About the Book

As a fine art photographer, I have always been eager to chronicle my everyday experiences -- whether banal or life-affirming -- both visually and textually. These encounters form the backbone of the book, which includes colorful bite-sized anecdotes with cameos from Anthony Weiner and Terry Richardson, along with an assortment of other characters I have met along the way: a new roommate, a boss, a kid I babysat, a guy at a party with no eyebrows. One memory involves a man who suggests a first date at a Lego store; in another, a man tells me he could write poetry on my forehead.

These memories highlight distinctive features from the decade of 2008-2018. Everything in this book has happened; everything was said or was overheard. Each spread within the book contains a surreal self-portrait, offering the reader an abstract illustration of the text.

8.5×11 in, Soft Cover, 44 pages


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